Peter & gradson Ioan
Speaking Engagements
Peter speaks modestly and without notes of his role in maintaining his physical and mental health during his ordeal while at the same time he is adept at motivating and inspiring and audience, or captivating guests after dinner or luncheon. They leave with a greater sense of purpose and a determination to survive, and indeed succeed, in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.
On television in Georgia just after his release
At Heathrow airport with daughter Lisa 07/11/2002
One of his first speaking engagements was at the annual meeting of the British Consultants and Construction Bureau (BCCB) in November 2002, under the Presidency of HRH the Duke of Gloucester, where he addressed a large audience and received a standing ovation.

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A few examples of responses received following
recent presentations made by Peter.
Dear Peter

Just a note to thank you for your wonderful contribution on 'Open House with Gloria Hunniford'. Gloria was delighted that you agreed to join her on the show and has asked me to pass her personal thanks.

The team really enjoyed your appearance, as of course, did the audience. Once again, thank you for being so agreeable and giving'Open House' the benefit of your experience and professionalism.

Caroline Blackadder
Series Producer

Dear Peter

Thank you very much for taking part in 'Beating the Odds', with Mal Pope. We were very pleased with the interview. I enclose a CD, which I hope you will also enjoy.

I know you think that anyone would have coped with the experience as well as you did, but I persist in thinking that you must be quite extraodinary person. It was a privilege to hear your story.

I hope your family are settling down well. I wish you all the best.

Hillary Green

Your presence, and the very moving way you described your ordeal, made this occasion of our annual Awards and Prize giving this year. It cannot have been easy so soon after your captivity to stand up in front of such a large and prestigious team of people, but you did so in an admirable way.

Thank you most sincerely! And from a personal point of view it was nice for me to renew our acquantance.

Colin Adams CBE
Chief Executive

As you can imagine, we in Control Risks have debriefed dozens of kidnap victims over the years and as a result, have heard some hair-raising tales of survival against the odds and triumph of the human spirit in adversity. Your talk yesterday was another incredible example to add to the list.

We are most grateful to you for giving up the time to share your experience with us, particularly as we have very little knowledge of Georgia.

Thank you so much for agreeing to come so readily and for adding to our knowledge. We wish you and your family much luck in the future!

Peter Packham

Senior Consultant

Thank you for an outstanding performance at our workshop. Having met you before, I have to say that I was not in the least suprised at just how impressive was your story and the delivery. My colleagues, to a man and a women, echoed the observations that I have just made, and the words 'feeling humbled' by the manner in which you responded to your ordeal were expressed several times.

In short, Peter, it has been a privilege to have got to know you and to have spent 24 hours plus in your company.

All the very best,

David Burrill

Thank you for the help you gave us in the preparation of "Kidnapped". Yours is an inspirational story of courage and determination under terrifying circumstances and I am proud to be sharing it with our readers.

Katherine Walker