Peter & gradson Ioan
Peter went through hell for five months. There are however positive benefits which are evident to all who meet with Peter. He has emerged mentally unscathed and with a renewed commitment to living life to the full. His ordeal has invoked a heightened appreciation of everything which we all take for granted, particularly family and friends and a personal confirmation of the existance of a Superior Being. Every new day is a bonus and every new week a miracle.

Peter is first and foremost a Welshman. He is endowed with an inate sense of humour and supurb timing which comes across strongly to the audience as the funny aspects of his experiences are recounted. He is also a career banker who undertook a successful career with Midland bank (now HSBC) for some 32 years during which he held seven managerial positions culminating in the post of Corporate Banking Manager. He has susequently undertaken short term project work for International Donor Oraganisations working in the financial and banking sectors of Hungary, the Czech Rebublic, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and Azebaijan. Peter spent a total of six years working in Georgia under contract to the European Commission, primarily as an advisor and key figure in the formation and subsequent management of the Agro-business Bank of Georgia. His Kidnap and subsequent incarceration occurred just two days before Peter was due to leave Georgia and return to the UK with his partner and their four-year old son.

Out of the Hole and onto TV Getting my bearings on Georgian TV Pankasi george courtesy of BBC

(pictures courtesy of the BBC)
Peter's tasks over a long period of time in Georgia required him to take a strong leadership role and a high profile. His total integrity and courage in battling with currupt politicians came at a very high price. Nevertheness, it is precisely these experiences which Peter drew upon in sustaining his determination and obdurancy during his period of captivity, even at a time when continued brutilisation by his captors resulted in a fractured skull. The audience is drawn into the picture of a third world country incorporating under-development, curruption and poverty where politicians, in protecting their own vested interests, are unwilling to undertake essential social and economic reforms. Peter's determination to protect the financial institution which he had helped to form,from the insidious endeavours of corrupt politicians and government to undermine its integrity, is the benchmark upon which his spirited resilience during his captivity and incarceration is founded. As the story evolves, the audience find themselves questioning their own attitude, focus and determination to succeed in the context of an ever-changing and sometimes hostile environment.

Arriving at Heathrow with Di and DannyAm I really going home?

The widespread coverage of Peter's release and his extraordinarily calm description of his ordeal have generated considerable media interest and requests to address numerous audiences. One of his first speaking engagements was at the annual meeting of the British Consultants and Construction Bureau (BCCB), under the presidency of HRH the Duke of Gloucester, where he addressed a large audience and recieved a standing ovation. A year earlier, at the same venue, he was awarded the title of Individual British Consultant of the year. He has appeared on a number of television chat-shows and was the subject of a Hard Talk broadcast in December 2002. He has undertaken several radio broadcasts on behalf of BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Scotland.

A TV interview in Georgia 1 month before the kidnappingDaughter Lisa with Manon Haf and Ioan

Peter speaks modestly and without notes of his role in maintaining his physical and mental health during his ordeal while at the same time he is adept at motivating and inspiring an audience, or captivating guests after dinner or luncheon. They leave with a greater sense of purpose and a determination to survive, and indeed succeed, in the face of seemingly
insurmountable difficulties.

What a Great Christmas we had in 2002Daughter Lisa and my grand-children - Megan, Manon Haf and IoanShell-shocked, with Diana and Danny

Peter is in remarkable good spirits, has
retained his natural sense of humour
and has a heightened appreciation of
life and all it has to offer.