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Peter has now written his book called HOLE - Kidnapped in Georgia, published by Accent Press.

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Peter Shaw first came to the world's attention in June 2002 when he was brutally kidnapped by a pseudo military organisation in a busy suburb of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia , in Eastern Europe. His subsequent harrowing account of his five month captivity and subsequent "escape" in November 2002, encapsulated by a live television interview broadcast from Georgia only hours after his release, captured the attention of an international audience and invoked widespread sympathy and admiration.

Peter's powerful and moving story focuses on how he managed to endure the harsh physical and mental pressures inflicted upon him by his captors, particularly during a period of 141 days when he was held in appalling conditions, chained by the neck in a tiny cell 3 meter's underground, unlit, cold, wet and isolated. It also focuses on his amazing "escape" during the evening of the 6th November, and the subsequent moving account of his eventual reunion with his loved ones. The theme of Peter's talk is how an "ordinary Joe" is able to endure unimaginable levels of physical and mental hardship by reaching deep into the inner recesses of one's character and finding hitherto unknown levels of determination, courage and strong mindedness. It also concentrates on the after-effects of his experience which has invoked a new and fresh appreciation of "being alive" and a determination to enjoy every shade and colour of everyday existence, family and friendship.

The red circle on the map marks where Peter was held captive
" Yours is an inspirational story of courage and determination under terrifying circumstances and I am proud to be sharing it with our readers".